Hello Kitty's Grandparents

Hello Kitty loves her grandparents, Margaret and Anthony, who live in the forest and it takes a whole day to arrive there walking. Hello Kitty's grandparents always take their granddaughters Kitty and Mimmy to spend the weekend at home with them.

Grandfather Anthony loves being around children and he uses to tell them very long stories and very entertaining, the kittens listen again and again his wonderful stories. Hello Kitty's grandfather loves painting the nature and whenever he has a moment, he enjoys painting in the forest.


Hello Kitty's grandmother, Margaret, loves knitting. She likes to sit in her rocking chair where she weaves the most beautiful clothes for her granddaughters, Hello Kitty and Mimmy. Grandma also knows how to cook. She was the one who taught her daughter Mary (Hello Kitty's mother) to make delicious cakes, which all of them enjoy as a family.

Kitty's grandparents are lovely, certainly like yours. Here we leave an image of Hello Kitty's family and grandparents for coloring.


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