Hi again, here we are with a new little friend of Hello Kitty and today we are celebrating his birthday. Cinnamoroll is a beautiful little white dog which Hello Kitty adores. This is the story of Cinnamoroll:

One day, while the owner of Cinnamon´s Cafe was looking to the sky, suddenly appeared a little  puppy. He was very soft and looked like a big cloud. Then she thought "maybe this little puppy caught a whiff of cinnamon rolls that I had in the Cafe". And she was right. He came attracted by the smell of the cafe. His tail was curled like a cinnamon branch, so the owner decided to call him Cinnamoroll.
Soon Cinnamoroll became very popular among the customers and he was officially named the pet of the cafe“. Nowadays, when Cinnamoroll is not walking around in the terrace, he is flying over the city, looking for exciting adventures with his friends Chiffon, Mocha, Cappucino and Little Milk. His birthday is on March 6th.


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