Dear Daniel is Hello Kitty's boyfriend

Daniel is Hello Kitty's boyfriend (someone says his best friend). Daniel is a handsome kitten who has been around the world with his parents and he was away from Hello Kitty for a long time, but fate back them together and Hello Kitty feels very comfortable at his side.

Daniel and Hello Kitty are friends since their childhood and the truth is that they are very good friends. He was born on May 3rd in London and his real name Daniel Starr.

Daniel loves music and dancing. This charming kitten can play the piano and we know that Hello Kitty's boyfriend is a great dancer too. He is also interested in photography and dreams of being famous one day.

Will he ask Hello Kitty someday to marry him? We'll have to wait and see, but we have seen around engaged couples of Daniel and Hello Kitty with their wedding
costume and they are for sale.


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