Little Twin Stars, Kiki and Lala

The real names of Little Twin Stars are Kiki and Lala. These little twin stars were born on December 24th,  in the Star of Compassion. They were curious to know what was happening on Earth, so they asked permission to Mother and Father Star Star and came to Earth for a visit.

Lala used a magic wand that led them on their journey. Her mission was to fill with happiness all the places in the earth they visited.

Kiki is the boy. He is very funny, a bit cheeky and has blue hair. Kiki can fly always holding the magic wand on his back. He loves to invent new things!

Lala is the girl. She is lovely and she loves to make a delicious soup. Lala likes to draw and to write poems. She is a little shy and she cries easily.

Little Twin Stars, the twins were released at Christmas in 1975. In the early 80's they became famous and they did again in the 90s.

These brothers joined the group of little friends of Hello Kitty.


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