Mary White, Hello Kitty's mom

Today we want to introduce you to Mary White, the adorable mom of Mimmy and Hello Kitty. She takes care and protects her family, always teaching them very important things and also, she prepares delicious desserts. Her apple's pie is the best!

Mary White, Hello Kitty's mother is a housewife and she is dedicated to the whole family and the education of their daughters. 

Here's a picture of Hello Kitty with her mom. You can color it with your favorite colors. They are choosing the most beautiful flowers to decorate their house. 

Mary White was the one who taught her daughters to make delicious apple pies that enjoy all the friends in the neighborhood. Here we leave a nice card that Hello Kitty gave to her mother in Mothers Day.


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i really like this website!!!!!!!!!!!!

Antillanasoy said...

Thank you Fahmida, we are glad you enjoy it!

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